This morning before the opening bell, Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. announced it was featured in an editorial published by U.S. Equity News that covers the history of bacteria, its life threatening effects, and publicly traded companies leading the fight against harmful bacteria.

The entire piece can be found at the following link:

In the editorial U.S. Equity News stated, “Although giant pharmaceutical companies remain the biggest players in the war against bacteria, one of the most unique breakthroughs in the science belongs to a little company out of San Clemente, California called Micro Identification Technology (“MIT”). The company has developed a way to identify 23 different species of pathogenic bacteria, just minutes after completed culturing. It’s all done by laser light that is scattered off bacteria cells suspended in water, creating light patterns that are unique for each bacteria species.”

Micro Identification’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Brennan, commented, “With thousands of people dying each year from harmful bacteria, this article represents the importance of detecting pathogenic bacteria early. We are proud to have been featured in such a prestigious news source.”

Mr. Brennan added, “Our laser-based microbial identification technology makes it possible to rapidly process thousands of samples for pennies on the dollar when compared to the traditional laboratory process; which could effectively save millions in bacterial analysis and healthcare costs. Since our breakthrough method of identification doesn’t rely on chemical or biological processing, fluorescent tags, gas chromatography or DNA analysis, we can produce accurate results in a fraction of the time. We are well positioned for immense growth as the knowledge of our technology spreads and hospitals and clinics across the country find new ways to cut costs while still delivering excellent service to their patients.”

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