Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. recently announced its profile in HealthNewsDigest.com. The article featuring the company is an excellent source for readers and experts who want to learn more about the importance of innovative ways to protect food safety. Written by biochemist Michael D. Shaw, the article showcases MIT’s proprietary technology and emphasis on preventing food-borne illnesses. Readers can view the article at: http://www.healthnewsdigest.com/news/contributing%20columnist0/Shining_A_Light_On_Food-Borne_Illnesses.shtml

Mr. Shaw wrote, “Two distinct advantages of [MIT's] method are the very quick identification time (less than 10 minutes), and the low cost ($0.10 per test). 23 species can now be identified with this technique. An upcoming improvement in the system, according to John Ricardi — the company’s executive vice president and chief operating officer — is a single-click facility for immediately identifying Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli.”

John Ricardi, Executive Vice President for MIT, commented, “The validation from this column underscores MIT’s commitment to transforming — and thus improving — food safety throughout the United States. HealthNewsDigest.com is a premier source of information about scientific analysis and medical protection. Mr. Shaw’s article is a comprehensive overview of our technology and our reputation for excellence. The column also emphasizes our approach to educating the public about the importance of food safety and the benefits our technology offers. I welcome readers to review this column so they can learn more about our new technology and its bid to set a new industry standard.”

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