Micro Imaging Technology, Inc. announced that it has entered into a strategic business development relationship with OPH Ltd. Hong Kong, crucial to securing a manufacturing partner in Asia. OPH will also develop this market for the Micro Imaging Technology (MIT) 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification System by working closely with existing MIT and its distributors to identify and select other strategic partners to expand the company’s business in Asia. MIT recently received Performance Test Method Certification for the Identification of Listeria from the AOAC Research Institute and is now focused on accelerating the commercialization of the MIT 1000.

David Harris, chairman of OPH Ltd. stated, “The MIT 1000 technology is truly a revolutionary development in rapid detection of microbial pathogens. We are very pleased and excited to partner with MIT in delivering these exceptional technological benefits to Asian producers and consumers. The speed, accuracy and cost-savings provided by the MIT 1000 System will improve the operational efficiencies and bottom line for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers and, most importantly, will contribute to the advancement of the overall safety of their global supply chains.”

Michael Brennan, MIT’s Chairman and CEO added, “OPH has helped numerous companies quickly and successfully expand their businesses to Asia. Given our objectives of establishing a global presence and lowering product cost, we see the partnership with OPH as a significant first step in our international growth goals.”