The current-generation Microsoft Band 2’s original price is $250. However, now Microsoft Store and Best Buy have listed the same gear for $174.99, after a discount of $75.

The Microsoft Band 2 is one of the inexpensive, fitness trackers available currently in the market. This device can be purchased as three variants namely Small (5.7-inch to 6.5-inch), Medium (6.3-inch to 7.5-inch) and Large (7.3-inch to 8.5-inch).

The Band 2 is capable of tracking heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and it monitors sleep quality. It comes with 11 sensors onboard like GPS, UV monitor and barometer, to name a few. This gear can be used to get actionable insights from Microsoft Health app and it can assist with guided workouts. To top it all off, this device can connect to emails, text messages and calendar alerts.

Speaking of software, this gadget is compatible not only with Windows Phone, but also with iOS and Android. But then, the digital personal assistant Cortana will be available only to the handsets powered by Windows Phone.

This device is made of thermal plastic elastomer silicone vulcanite (TPSV) and it flaunts a display size of 1.26 x 0.50-inch. The screen is made of AMOLED display technology and the resolution is 320 x 128 pixels.

When it comes to battery, the Microsoft Band 2 will reportedly be able to offer up to 48 hours of battery life under regular usage. However, GPS and other functionalities might take a toll on the battery life.

Moving on to Microsoft Band 3, rumor has it that this gadget will be introduced sometime in October 2016. This device is expected to cost around the same price as the Band 2.

Feature-wise, Microsoft Band 3 is believed to flaunt a waterproofed exterior. The heart rate monitor will apparently be fine-tuned to show accurate results, followed by the introduction of an emergency medical tile. Furthermore, the battery life is expected to be reflected on the screen, tech portal PC Tablet reported.