The Microsoft Corp. has finalized its acquisition of communications company Skype. The European Union approved the plan this week, and Microsoft is hoping there will be no more delays in the process.

Much of the opposition over this acquisition has come from competitors arguing against the bundling of software. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved the transaction back in June under the impression that competitors such as Google Talk stood a fair chance at providing their online services.

Microsoft itself is saying the Skype deal merely represents a synergistic approach to the provision of their services. Skype averages 145 million active users per month, and Microsoft believes a lot of them are already using the communications service on its own platforms.

However, Microsoft is also guaranteeing Skype will remain available to those who use rival platforms, mainly the Apple iOS. As the integration moves along, the plan is for Skype to run its own division within Microsoft's company. How well the two will integrate their services and products is yet to be determined, but this major deal between two big players is sure to bring some exciting possibilities.