Today, Microsoft announced that the new version of Kinect, which will ship with all Xbox One gaming systems, will be made available to the PC market starting in 2014. The announcement was made on a Microsoft blog page, which you can read here. Microsoft plans to speak about Kinect at their BUILD developer conference next month in San Francisco starting June 26.

According to Microsoft, the new version of Kinect improves upon the previous model by sporting a 1080p lens, advanced skeletal tracking, an increased field of view as well as an infrared sensor. During the Xbox Reveal event, Microsoft execs showed off the new and improved Kinect's abilities by issuing it multiple voice commands, including "Xbox On," "Answer Call," "Lebron," "Watch ESPN" and many more. Kinect responded to all of the commands flawlessly, though it remains to be seen how the sensor will perform with multiple voices and audio sources in the the same room.

What do you think of this announcement? Would you consider getting a Kinect for your PC? If so, what would you use it for? Sound off in the comments below.