Microsoft is apparently gearing up to release new Lumia handsets for 2015. Reportedly, two new Lumia handsets have been spotted on the popular Zauba database. The Zauba DB belongs to India and it keeps track of the details pertaining to the country's imports and exports. Therefore, it is not a surprising that many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) send their devices to India for the purpose of evaluation and testing via the global development centers or other vendors. The spotted devices are believed to be the Microsoft Lumia 840 and the bigger sibling Lumia 840 XL.

According to WMPowerUser, a pair of Lumia handsets have been shipped to India for testing. Several weeks ago, a report affirmed that Microsoft will unveil the successor to the well-received Nokia Lumia 830 in the form of Lumia 840. The current sighting on the Zauba DB corroborates that information.

As it turns out, both the shipped Lumia units reportedly feature large 5.7-inch displays. Interestingly, one of the smartphones apparently supports dual SIM cards. The Lumia 840 testing unit comes with a price tag of 38,346 rupees (about $600). The final product price could be different from the testing unit’s price.

Meanwhile, Phone Arena says this particular Lumia version in India could be the bigger Microsoft Lumia 840 XL. As per earlier reports, the relatively smaller Lumia 840 will sport a pocket-friendly 5-inch display. In addition, the Lumia 840 will reportedly include either a 13 MP or 14 MP rear-facing PureView camera. There will also be a 5 MP button on the front for capturing selfies and video chats.

The design of the Lumia 840 will apparently be a replica of the predecessor Lumia 830. The Lumia 840 series of devices will reportedly support both single and dual SIM capabilities. Microsoft has not confirmed the Lumia 840 XL or Lumia 840 specifications thus far.