Luxury phones customized to the taste of buyers is not new in the tech world. For instance, Karalux sells custom designed bling phones for Android, BlackBerry and ships across the globe. Following the footsteps, Italian jeweler Damiani has apparently partnered with Microsoft to create a luxury replacement cover for the latest Lumia 950 smartphone.

Damiani’s Microsoft Lumia 950 cover comes in Black or White leather. There are two concentric rings made of White or Rose Gold covering the main camera. To top it off, ten shimmery Diamonds are studded on those rings to add the luxury quotient, WWD reported.

It is worth noting that Damiani will apparently make only 99 covers and interested buyers may have to shell out a whopping 1,950 euros to purchase the device, which roughly translates to $2,181 or £1,510 at today’s exchange rate. At this point, these cover can be purchased only from Damiani stores located in Rome and Milan. Soon, these covers will make it to other stores as well.

The highlight of the cover is that Damiani will reportedly take the Gold and Diamond studded Lumia 950 smartphone cover and give back a pendant from its collection, when the buyer decides to retire this handset and purchase a new one. It’s a well known fact that smartphone configurations get outdated in a year and therefore, the after-sales service is quite a value addition for those planning to purchase this expensive cover.

Here are some of the images from Instagram and Twitter showing the Diamond and Gold studded Lumia 950 covers:



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