The news about Microsoft porting its Office suite to iOS, to run on Apple's iPad is creating quite a buzz these days. This comes at a time when the world is looking forward to the launch of the iPad 3 in the spring of 2012.

And for Microsoft there cannot be a perfect opportunity than this to push for an increase in its market pie, considering the enviable share iPad commands in the tablet market. Statistics indicate that AppleiPad commands 80 percent of the tablet market; and Microsoft for sure will make the best of this by offering an iOS version of Office.

The coming together of Microsoft Office, which is undeniably the most popular and saleable tool of Brand Microsoft; and Apple with an iOS version would certainly add to this revenue, which has already generated up to $15 billion in revenues this year alone. And more so, it'll give iPad users a choice to use Office directly despite the fact that Apple's office apps are compatible with Office files.

It is known well that Apple's productivity tools are designed to optimize use of the iPad touch screen like redesigned menus, spreadsheets and text documents, and functionality for editing presentations. And it is highly expected of Microsoft to release an updated version of Office for Mac OSX Lion next year, possibly making the software available via the Mac AppStore. The app is also rumored to feature Office 365 integration and should support desktop Office formats as well.


Coming to pricing on this most anticipated iPad app, there has been growing speculation that the MS Office app like most other productivity app in the Apple iTunes App Store will be priced at $10. You must be aware that Apple already makes a productivity suite for iOS devices called iWork. It has a spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation program (Keynote) that reflects the iWork offering for the Mac; although reviews aren't too encouraging.

Microsoft has however, chosen to keep mum on this matter, and has stayed away from sharing any official confirmation or 'denial'.

Some more Rumors....

Do you know that business users are already running a virtual form of Microsoft Windows and Office on the iPad? Well, this is made possible by third-party apps from companies like Citrix and Molten Technologies.

Again, there is news that Microsoft is soon gearing up for Windows 8, which is considered to be a significant upgrade to its revered operating system. The positive aspect of this upgrade is that it will allow users to choose if they want to work in an app-type button environment or on a conventional desktop PC - thus making Windows 8 a natural operating system for an iPad-style tablet.

Do you think MS Office on your iPad will help simplify your day-to-day activities? We'd love to hear from you.

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