A week after updates to Windows Phone 7 wreaked havoc on Samsung phones, Microsoft has resumed updates to affected devices.

Microsoft's Michael Stroh said that company engineers had isolated the problems with the original update and fixed them.  The new updates are set to reach phones on a rolling schedule. We apologize again for the delay and continue looking for ways to improve the update process, Stroh said.

The original update, which began reaching phones last Monday, was meant to set the stage for the more significant update planned for later this month. A major component of that upgrade, in addition to improved CDMA network performance, is the addition of copy and paste functionality to the operating system. A later update, planned for the second half of 2011, promises  multi-tasking functionality and Twitter integration.

For some Windows Phone 7 users, however, updating their phones proved to be a difficult process. Owners of certain configurations of Samsung's Omnia 7 and Focus phones reported issues during the upgrade process, resulting in their phones being bricked, or inoperable.

Microsoft froze updates to the affected phones before restoring them earlier today.

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