One of Microsoft's major highlights from E3 2012 was the introduction of its newest project Smart Glass. The company has just revealed that the first title to be compatible with this feature is the Xbox Live Arcade baseball title Homerun Stars.

There's another game we're shipping called 'Homerun Stars,' Microsoft's senior global marketing manager Peter Orullian said to the Official Xbox Magazine. It's an Arcade title, and it actually integrates Kinect. With SmartGlass you'll be able to pitch or bat, and it's not just tapping a button, you'll articulate how that pitch goes into the batter.

Orullian then described how the gameplay mechanics with SmartGlass will work.

Someone stands in front of Kinect and hits, you can reverse that, and the person on SmartGlass can bat, he said to OXM. It takes two great Microsoft technologies and couples them.

SmartGlass is an application that lets gamers link their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to the Xbox 360 console. Halo 4 is expected to be among the first full-length titles to support this type of compatibility, according to CVG. It was also recently announced that Microsoft Game Studios will support this feature with all of its future titles beginning in fall 2012, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer said.

OXM compiled a list of 10 ways SmartGlass will improve the world of videogames. Some of these included new possibilities for game modes, such as a detective mode that will allow gamers to scan crime scenes in games like Arkham City using a mobile device. Another suggestion was that peripheral vision in stealth games would be mapped to an iPad, allowing players to be sneakier when completing missions.

Although SmartGlass is said to be an all new feature from Microsoft, a video that has surfaced on YouTube suggests that it might have been around longer than fans think. The video, dated as February 2011, shows two gamers playing Kinect titles, one using the device's motion controls and the other sitting down using a Windows 7 phone. A third player then joins in by using her smartphone as well. This demo was not referred to as SmartGlass, but the title suggests the same concept as the video is called Windows Phone 7 connects with Kinect.

This further fuels the idea that Microsoft plans to integrate its gaming consoles with its mobile products. In addition to SmartGlass, this could be the case with its new Surface tablet as well.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what it might be like to use SmartGlass with Kinect.