Microsoft pioneered the era of 2-in-1 tablets via the well-received Surface Pro 3 in June 2014. Following which, Apple introduced the iPad Pro in November 2015. The comparisons between the two devices were rife as Apple’s tablet was similar to the Surface device in more ways than one.

The Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro shared similar form factor, usability as a tablet and a laptop and not to forget, the keyboard and stylus accessories tailor-made for this device type. Similar to Microsoft, Apple marketed the new tablet as a business-centric device as well as for entertainment.

To top it all off, Microsoft helped the iPad Pro by introducing the Office suite of products for the new tablet and support for the Apple Pencil, Neowin reported.

As it turns out, Dan Laycock, Senior Communications Manager for Microsoft Surface reportedly spoke to folks at Trusted Reviews about the two devices. He apparently said that "a single Surface product” is good enough for a customer to deal with the everyday routine, unlike the Apple iPad Pro. He also added that "the strategies are very different."

In Laycock’s own words: "Microsoft really wants you to only carry one device for tablet and PC use…whereas the iPad Pro is always going to be a companion device."

Laycock also spoke about the Apple Pencil. “At one point in time, Apple declared that if there’s a stylus, that’s failure,” he added. “We’re a huge believer in the pen; we know our customers love it.”

When asked about the similarity between the tablets and competition, he apparently said, Microsoft Surface Pro series is a full PC that runs full set of apps. Not to forget, the Surface Pro 4 runs Windows 10, which is the same version as the ones available for PCs and notebooks. In comparison, Apple’s iPad Pro runs the mobile-based iOS version.

On a related note, Apple's 128 GB iPad Pro price has been slashed by 18 percent on eBay within a couple of months after release.