Operating system giant Microsoft Corporation has asked the chip-makers who want to use the next version of Windows for tablets to partner with no more than one computer developer, a report said.

Incentives have been declared for the developers who will agree to the terms. The manufacturers will have to work under restrictions which will tie a chip developer to only one tablet design.

As per the plan, a chip-maker will have to agree to a sole PC manufacturer to get the promised incentives which include assurance that the device will run better or the software prices will be lower than the usual. The Microsoft officials, under the condition of anonymity said, the new program has not been declared officially.

The limitations may help the company to deliver the new Windows tablets faster and will also keep a stricter control over its partners, along with making the development and testing faster. Earlier the chip-makers could partner with more than one computer manufacturer.

Other companies, like Acer, however finds the restrictions very disturbing as they feel Microsoft is trying to set their own game rules by limiting the companies’ reach.

Under the program, the chip developers will be able to select a second computer manufacturing company to release notebook computers that will use the new OS. Companies including Nvidia Corporation, Texas Instrument Inc, and Qualcomm Inc can withdraw the conditions and work with the desired PC developers.

The program only applies to the version of Windows which is being developed for mobile computers. The normal Windows for desktops will be under no such obligations.

This will be the first time Microsoft will be producing a Windows OS that will work with ARM (Advanced RISC Machine)’s technology which is set to increase the number of chip suppliers, a Bloomberg report said.