Microsoft is aiming to fire up competition in the search engine market after revamping its search engine and renaming it Bing, the software company is now planning an extravagant ad campaign in a bid to woo the public from its competition, Google.

The new search engine -- which was formerly under the codename, Kumo -- will make a $80 to $100 million debut online, on TV, print, and radio as part of a advertising campaign, according to AdvertisingAge.

This is a large advertising budget considering that Google's entire advertising budget for 2008 was $25 million, AdAge says. Microsoft's total advertising budget for 2008, in contrast, was $361 million.

Microsoft is hoping a major ad push will take a chunk out of Google -- the number one online search brand -- in favor of Bing. The company is also practicing a more aggressive form of advertising against another one of its rivals, Apple, with its laptop hunter ads.

This is really testing whether Microsoft can still do what they did when they were young, which is enter a market from behind and catch up. They haven’t had what it takes to do that for a long time, analyst Rob Enderle told Bloomberg.

In the ads, Microsoft will suggest that by using today's search engines you're missing out on all that your search experience could be. According to Microsoft, around 42 percent of all searches need to be refined after the first query, AdAge reports. Furthermore, Microsoft has found 25 percent of all post-search clicks hit the back button instead of a Website link when looking at a search results page. Microsoft suggests that Bing is the answer to such errors with online search engines.

If Microsoft is going to succeed at re-training search users to want more, it will have to deliver a whole new search experience for the user.