Readers, who are planning to purchase tablets as New Year gifts can avail significant discounts from Best Buy and Amazon. The discounted devices include Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, Apple’s iPad Mini 3 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2.

Best Buy is now offering the 128 GB variant of the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 3 tablet for just $599.99. The original price used to be $799.99. This means buyers can save $200, which translates to a killer discount of 25 percent. This discounted model features a 12.0-inch display and it comes powered by Intel Core i3 processor. On the software end, this model runs on the latest Windows 10.

Readers should note that it is a brand new device and it carries manufacturer warranty. However, only the Silver variant of this tablet is available on discount. Here is the link to order the 128 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Best Buy.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPad Mini 3 tied to the model number “MGY92LL” can now be purchased for $379.99 in Amazon. The actual retail price used to be $599.99. This means, buyers can save a whopping $220, which translates to a cool 37 percent discount.

It features a 7.9-inch Retina display with 64 GB of native storage space. This discounted slate is now available in Gold color and here is the link to order the Apple iPad Mini 3.

Furthermore, Amazon is now selling Samsung’s latest slate Galaxy Tab S2 for $349.99. The original price of the slate is $399. This means, buyers can save $50, which translates to 13 percent discount. This device is now available in Black hue and here is the link to order the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

The aforementioned tablets are brand new and they are available only in limited quantities. To top it off, upon ordering any of the listed tablets, buyers can avail free shipping service from Amazon and Best Buy.