Microsoft is expected to unveil the company's long-awaited Windows 10 devices, including the Surface Pro 4, next month. Speculations surrounding the new 2-in-1 tablet have been skyrocketing in the past few months. Here is a roundup of rumored features and specs of the next-gen tablet from the Redmond-based technology giant.

Surface Pro 4: Release Date, General Expectations

The Surface Pro 4 release date, according to the official invitation, is Oct. 6. As it turns out, the Surface Pro 3 successor will not come with any over-the-top design changes. The Verge said that the charging mechanism, docking station and the form factor will remain intact. However, the display size, screen resolution, battery life, processor and software, along with the dimension of the device have been reported to be different from the original version.

Surface Pro 4: Fingerprint Scanner Vs. Hello Facial Recognition

The Verge speculated that the Surface Pro 4 could come with a fingerprint scanner on the advanced Surface keyboard. Forbes, on the other hand, said that an Intel RealSense 3D camera will be part of the tablet.

This 3D camera will reportedly help the device owners to utilize Windows 10's brand new “Hello facial recognition” technology. With this feature, users can log into the device without having to remember a password. Folks at Tech Times, meanwhile, got a chance to play around the aforesaid mechanism and said that the 3D camera is “extremely accurate.” The team also tried testing the feature with “various sets of identical twins,” however, the 3D camera was smart enough to not let the registered user's identical twin gain access to the device.

Surface Pro 4: Key Specifications

When it comes to key Surface Pro 4 specifications, the brand new Intel Skylake processor unveiled at the IFA event will apparently power the upcoming slate, according to Tech Times. But then, earlier rumors pointed to a Broadwell chip on board. The Broadwell chipset will reportedly help in making the device fan-free. This, in turn, will make the tablet weigh less and the thickness can be cut down as well. The Skylake chipset, on the other hand, has the capability to offer better power and performance.

Apart from the standard connectivity options, the Surface Pro 4 will apparently house a USB Type C port. Lastly, the rumored display size of the huge slate is reported to be 14 inches.