Microsoft plans to take a cue from Apple in rolling out software updates. Apparently, the Redmond, Washington, tech giant will control the firmware updates for the devices directly running on Windows 10 for mobiles. Many Windows Phone users have complained about nonlinear software updates rolled out by various carriers. Therefore, by taking full control of the updates, Microsoft will reportedly be bypassing the mobile network carriers.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft will reportedly take full responsibility for the firmware updates for Windows 10 for mobiles -- thus guaranteeing quicker and efficient rollout of crucial security fixes, new features, enhancements and solutions for reliability issues. This change will affect not only smartphones but also desktop PCs and tablets, GSM Arena notes.

With such a centralized control of the firmware updates in place, Microsoft will apparently be emulating Apple’s way of issuing updates and fixes. Moreover, the tight grip on the software package is necessary because wireless carriers in the U.S rigidly prioritize updates for Android and Windows Phone handsets.

But such full control of updates does not mean carriers will be left out of the firmware update process. The carriers will receive various versions of firmware builds for testing and evaluation, alongside members of the trusted Windows Insider program, ZDNet writes.

Microsoft’s new approach will reportedly be made available to those smartphones scheduled for release with Windows 10 on board. This means users with Windows 10-compatible handsets running on Windows Phone 8.1 will have to wait for the respective carriers to push the software updates.

Speaking of other major operating system updates, GSM Arena says, Apple is ruling the roost in this arena by rolling out iOS updates to all compatible devices across the globe. Google, on the other hand, has bestowed the control to carriers for its Android firmware updates. Needless to say, this approach has resulted in high fragmentation in the Android ecosystem. Lastly, the Windows 10 for mobiles release date is reportedly set for fall 2015.

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