Do you hate Internet Explorer? It seems Microsoft has gotten fed up with it as well. The software giant has plans to phase out the Web browser for a new version that is still in development, the Verge reported Tuesday.

Internet Explorer has long been despised among Web surfers and has often been listed among the worst browsers on the market. But the browser will eventually take a back seat to a more modern software.

Microsoft unveiled its new Web browser, codenamed Project Spartan, in January. The browser is expected to be faster, include note-taking and sharing features as well as Microsoft’s Cortana virtual personal assistant software.

But Microsoft is still in the process of selecting a name for the new browser, Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela said at the Microsoft Convergence conference Monday. There is a good chance that the browser will include the company name Microsoft, similar to a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Having conducted market research, asking Chrome users in the U.K., Microsoft learned that users mostly favored hypothetical browser names that included the company name.

The new Web browser will come standard on Windows 10 for general users. And Microsoft isn’t getting rid of Internet Explorer completely; the browser will still be available on Windows 10 -- but mostly for business users.

Windows 10 is currently in a public beta testing period and is expected to be released officially in late 2015. Microsoft has built Windows 10 to be a single operating system for computers, smartphones and tablets.

Recent reports say new features on the upcoming operating system will include fingerprint, facial and iris recognition login options.