The Surface Phone has been rumored to be one of the few Microsoft handsets earmarked for release in 2016. However, Microsoft did not confirm the existence of such a device. But now, there’s an indirect confirmation that the tech giant could indeed be working on such a phone.

A Reddit user apparently stumbled on to the site, which redirects to Microsoft’s Surface Website with a list of Surface tablets and accessories. This means Microsoft owns this domain and it wants people to know that some big announcement can be expected soon.

Notably, past rumors suggested that the Surface Phone will be unveiled in the second half of this year. Apart from the Surface Phone, the site also redirects to Microsoft’s official Website.

Recently, Microsoft China unknowingly disclosed the name “Lumia Phone X.” To explain the Windows 10 Continuum feature to the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL users, Microsoft China produced a short video and uploaded the same in YouTube.

Although, the video never spoke about a possible Surface Phone or Lumia Phone X, the description has this handset name. The video description read -- “Continuum is supported by the Microsoft Lumia 950/XL, Lumia Phone X and Acer Jade Primo.”

Realizing the mistake, Microsoft immediately deleted the Lumia Phone X from the description. However, by that time, many Websites have already taken a screenshot of it. In any case, tech portals believe that the Lumia Phone X could be the long-rumored Surface Phone.

However, readers are advised to take this report with the proverbial pinch of salt as Microsoft has not confirmed any information thus far.