Union Dental Holdings is focused on providing affordable dentistry for members by utilizing existing insurance benefits. Union Dental currently has networks set up for CWA, IBEW, IUE-CWA, and AFA-CWA. The company's network currently expands across 15 states and continues to grow.

Union Dental Holdings solidified its position during the past year, even amidst the recession, and became one of the top small-cap turnaround stories of 2008. After recording a loss of almost $1 million during the first 9 months of 2007, the company generated net income of over $24K by the end of Q3 2008 on almost identical revenues of $1.9M.

The annual out-of-pocket savings for an individual union member using the Union Dental network are usually greater than membership dues. As the U.S. population expands and ages, demand for non-discretionary dental services will continue to grow, despite a struggling economy, and should remain steady as long as benefits continue to be made available.

MicroStockProfits commented on the stock, It is hard not to like UDHI’s business plan, and it appears that the plan is now coming to fruition. As we always say, one key characteristic that we always look for in successful small-cap ventures is management’s ability to identify objectives and fulfill them. UDHI has done just that.