Election Day isn't for another three weeks, but for some early voting has begun. Nationwide, over 650,000 people have already cast their ballot. By Monday morning, 7.4 percent of the electorate in Florida, roughly 400,000 people, had already voted.

Not ready to vote yet? Don't worry. Whether you are undecided, don't know where your polling place is or are unclear about voter ID laws in your state, you still have time. Just plug your location into the tool below to see all the information you need for the upcoming election:

Is there early voting in your state?


Early voting requirements change state by state, and in some cases, county by county. Most states that offer early voting do not set limits on who can participate. However, if you are registered in Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, South Carolina or Virginia you must have an official excuse. The following are among the most common requirements for early voting:

  • absence from the county on election day;
  • illness or physical disability;
  • being an appointed election officer or poll worker at a polling place other than his or her own;
  • working a required shift during polling hours on election day
  • religious observance

Sort through the table below to find early in-person voting details in your state:

Still need more information? Check out Google's 'How To Vote' tool!