After numerous delays it looks like “Mighty No. 9” will finally be released in February next year. Now that the game is officially two months away Deep Silver and Comcept released a new trailer hyping up the highly anticipated 2D platformer by having the character “bring it” during the video.

If the trailer means anything it looks like, “Mighty No. 9” will be focused on two things: challenge and fun. The trailer shows off the game’s numerous modes, including challenge mode, boss rush mode and the insanely hard one-hit death maniac mode. Replayability seems to be a major theme for the game as well, so it looks like “Mighty No. 9” is actually focused on three things.

This new trailer also shows off the game’s two-player online mode for the first time. The PlayStation Blog has confirmed two modes for the online mode: co-op challenge mode and online race battle mode.

As the names of these modes imply, co-op challenge mode will have two players teaming up to take down the various challenges in the game. Meanwhile online race battle mode will have players competing against one another to see who finishes the level first.

“Mighty No. 9” will be available on numerous platforms, including the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, PC, Linux and Mac, according to Gematsu. The PS4 version of the game supports cross-buy, so those that pick up this version digitally will have access to it on the PS3 and Vita as well.

Developed by “Mega Man” creator and head of Comcept Keiji Inafune, “Mighty No. 9” was a Kickstarter project that gained a lot of steam due to the fact that fans wanted the same thing Inafune did: a new “Mega Man” game. After numerous pitches were turned down from Capcom Inafune decided to create his own company in “Comcept” and finally release a spiritual successor to the Blue Bomber, hence “Mighty No. 9.”

Despite not being released yet, the game is already set to have a movie from Legendary Pictures. It’s not yet known if it will be live-action or animated, but it is surprising to see a possible film made, based on a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

Mighty No. 9 - Bring It! Trailer | PS4, PS3 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)