Boxing great Miguel Cotto peppered his opponent Antonio Margarito's right eye all night long on Saturday.  By the third round, it started to close, according to Fox News Latino.  By the seventh round, it had shut up and Margarito was working with one eye.

By early tenth round, ring doctor Anthony Curreri had enough and stopped the fight, brushing off pleas from Margarito.

Cotto was well ahead in the scorecards.  However, Margarito had hoped to land a big blow and knock out his opponent, an idea that is not entirely farfetched in boxing.   

However, Curreri did not want a repeat of last November, when Margarito took a savage beating from boxing great Manny Pacquiao and fractured his right orbital bone, according to Tim Smith of New York Daily News.

Pacquiao is one of two fighters to ever beat Cotto.  Margarito is the other.  On Saturday, Cotto avenged that loss to retain his WBA super welterweight title.

I'm proud of what I did, said Cotto, reported the New York Post.

Below are photos from the fight.