The Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito fight was lopsided. Cheered by his fans who filled the Madison Square Garden, Cotto dominated and retained his WBA Super World Light Middleweight title.

Cotto, a superb fighter hailing from Puerto Rico, has only two losses in his career: one to the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao and one to Margarito. On Saturday, he handily avenged the Margarito loss.

Cotto went after Margarito’s previously-injured right eye the entire night.  Fox News Latino reported that the battered eye starting closing in the third round and became shut by the seventh round.

Three seconds into the tenth round, ring doctor Anthony Curreri stopped the fight and gave the victory to Cotto, who was also well ahead in the scorecards.

Below are pictures from the fight, incluing those of Margarito’s swollen eye.