Mike the Pike Productions, Inc. develops and produces feature films, graphic novels, literary assets and concert/events. The Company classifies their projects as ‘Mainstream Independent’. Their projects combine a well-structured vision with top-tier talent. Mike the Pike Productions, Inc. has offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Mark B. Newbauer is the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President. He graduated from the renowned film and producer’s track at Columbia College, Chicago in 1997. His executive background includes his work as a wealth manager at a top-tier global wealth management firm. Mr. Newbauer formed Mike the Pike Films in 2002 to package and produce projects with high production value. The Company takes advantage of on-location resources, in-kind gifts and tax incentives to allow for maximum production value.

In 2009, Mr. Newbauer combined Mike the Pike Films with new intellectual property and launched Mike the Pike Productions as a full-spectrum entertainment firm. The firm engages in Feature Film Development & Production, Literary Acquisitions, Concert & Event Promotions and Graphic Novel Publishing via Spokefish, a partnership between Mike the Pike Productions and Spoke Lane Entertainment.

Spokefish Entertainment is a concept-to-finish graphic novel publishing banner. They are developing high quality, compelling stories with the world’s top writers, artists, and others. The Spokefish slate includes Chasing Rabbits, R.E.M. and Bulderlyns.

Yesterday, Mike the Pike Productions, Inc, in partnership with Spoke Lane Entertainment and www.filmworksfx.com, announced that they completed principal photography on ‘White Space’, a sci-fi thriller. The film has officially entered post-production with a fully finished product expected in late Fall 2011.

Filmworks FX founder Ken Locsmandi is the director on this film project. Filmworks FX will be handling post-production and visual effects for the high-concept feature. This feature has a production value at approximately $20,000,000. The film is targeted for theatrical distribution with DVD, VOD, and more to follow.

Mike the Pike Productions CEO/Producer, Mr. Mark B. Newbauer stated, “It was quite an undertaking and one we’re very satisfied with to date. The completion of principle photography marks a major benchmark for the company and sale of the film should prove to be a lucrative accomplishment for all involved including Mike the Pike Productions and its shareholders. It’s this kind of project that I’m confident will organically create overall share value and growth.”