Mikros Systems Corporation issued a press release Friday disclosing the details of a 6-month, $570,000 contract awarded by Technology Service Corporation (TSC) to support the U.S. Navy’s Above Water Radar Group. Mikros is also expecting the award of an Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract for its ADEPT system by the end of 09.

Mikros is a technology company specializing in adaptive engineering and advanced electronic systems. Classified by the Department of Defense as a small business, they focus mainly on obtaining Department of Homeland Security, Navy and other governmental contracts. TSC, whose base of operations is Silver Spring, MD, handles service and engineering in a support role to various U.S. Government programs, including the Navy’s Aegis System.

President of Mikros, Tom Meaney, explained that the synergistic integration of his company’s electronic systems and distance support expertise, with TSC’s vast experience in sensor engineering, would lead to success. Mikros will handle various projects under this contract, providing overall management and engineering support to activities like the acquisition of new radar programs. This necessarily entails an ongoing pre-production role as well, providing engineering support for the implementation of the Mikros developed, Adaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable Testset (ADEPT).

ADEPT is a modular test set which can be configured so that it applies to any systems architecture, hastening all aspects of maintenance, and representing a new standard for real-time servicing of complex electronics and radar. ADEPT is a system designed to increase mission readiness where complex electronics and radar are employed. It also enables real-time distance support capability between ground based experts and onboard technicians.

U.S. and International Cruisers and Destroyers employ the devastating Aegis Combat System, which uses sophisticated electronics, radar and guided munitions to destroy enemy targets. Aegis benefits tremendously from ADEPT, and this contract signifies a lucrative relationship between Mikros and the U.S. Navy.

V.P., Business Development and Operations for Mikros, Marc Dalby, commented on the future of this relationship and the pending IDIQ saying, “We also expect additional orders for engineering support and up to 30 ADEPT systems within six months of the initial award.” The initial IDIQ would be for 15 ADEPT systems, and Mr. Dalby said that despite delays in the governments contracting system the contract was in the “final stages.”

The USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) is scheduled to be commissioned tomorrow, Oct. 10. Tom Meaney expressed his pride and confidence that ADEPT would be there “helping to maintain the SPY-1 radar (the Aegis systems active scanning array)… aboard the most advanced surface combatant in the world.”

Rear Admiral (Ret.) Wayne E. Meyer, regarded as the “Father of Aegis”, has been instrumental as Chairman of Mikros’ Board of Directors since 1988, in guiding the company to this point. Meyer’s 13 years as Aegis Weapon System Manager, and his role as founding manager of the Shipbuilding Project Office, culminate in the christening of this Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, hailed by U.S. Navy as “the most technologically advanced ship in the world.”