Mila Kunis has confirmed that she will be going to the Marine Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore, quelling rumors that she was reneging.

I accept(ed) an invitation and I am staying true to my word, Kunis said at a recent press conference promoting her new film, Friends With Benefits.

The confirmation from the Black Swan actress has left egg on the face of Access Hollywood's Billy Bush who previously said that Kunis will be filming two movies in November when the ball will be taking place, and therefore, would be too busy to keep the date.

That report angered some in the Internet community, and the responses came fast.

Bad PR move for you Mila...typical celebrity ME first attitude, one Web post stated.

Another said: She's a Hollywood liberal elite. She's probably genuinely disgusted about going to a military ball with a person in the military. Why ever would the princess associate with a low life warmonger?

But Kunis said she's already gotten permission to take the day off and will fly in for the occasion and then fly out.

Do not believe what Billy Bush said, Kunis said. Please I beg of you. Never did I say that I was not going. He made it up and people believed it unfortunately. I am attending. I am going. Nov. 18 I will be there.

Moore, a Marine stationed in Afghanistan, posted a YouTube video asking Kunis out.

During an interview, her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake pointed the video out to her and told her: You need to do this for your country.

To which Kunis replied: I'll go. I'll do it for you.

Watch Kunis clears things up once and for all below.