Given his imposing physique and reputation as one of the NHL’s toughest players, Milan Lucic isn’t necessarily the ideal person to target for a bar fight. But that didn’t stop a man from confronting the Boston Bruins forward outside a Vancouver bar.

Details on the incident are scant, but it allegedly occurred at some point on Saturday night; the Bruins were in Vancouver to play the Canucks on Saturday and lost, 6-2. At the start of the video, Lucic, who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 235 pounds, appears to be involved in a skirmish with a much smaller man. Bystanders rush over to separate the two men, but not before Lucic let the aggressor know exactly what he would be up against in a bar fight.

“Do you know who you’re f---ing with, mother------?” Lucic said. Vancouver police walked over to assess the scene, and the Bruins star attempted to explain the reason for his anger.

Someone asked Lucic to leave, but the 25-year-old claims that the other man had struck him three times. It’s unclear if alcohol was a factor in the altercation.

Regardless of who instigated the bar fight, Vancouver police reportedly decided not to make any arrests. Sgt. Randy Fincham told Global News that he was unaware that an incident involving Lucic had taken place.

Lucic was born in Vancouver, but has had his share of problems in the city. In 2012, the Bruins star’s church was vandalized by Canucks fans.

A video of Lucic’s Vancouver bar altercation can be viewed below. The video contains NSFW language.

[h/t Yahoo Sports]