Hockey fans in Vancouver need to take it down a notch.

The church of Vancouver native and current member of the Boston Bruins, Milan Lucic, was defaced by vandals sometime last night.

The phrase F--- Lucic, as well as Go Canuks (sic) Go, was drawn on the side of the church, which is actually located in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver. The vandals also drew what appears to be male genital next to the slogans.

At least true Canucks fans can take heart knowing that the people who did this can't even spell the name of the team correctly. Though it probably gives little solace to the many Canucks fans who are actually decent human beings.

A photo of the vandalism was posted on the Twitter page of Lucic's girlfriend Brittany Carnegie. She captioned the photo, This is DISGUSTING! Punks did this to Milan beloved church! So disgusted!

This comes in the wake of Canucks fans rioting after they lost the Stanley Cup to Lucic's Bruins in June. About 100 people were arrested in those riots and millions of dollars in damage was done to the city.