Milestone Scientific Inc. is engaged in computer controlled injection technologies for the medical and dental markets. The company today announced a supply and distribution agreement with Utah Medical Products Inc., in which Utah Medical will obtain the rights to market and sell Milestone’s patented CompuMed® computer-controlled, painless injection system to its North American customer base.

CompuMed can reduce the dose of local anesthetic, and in turn, can reduce side effects, accelerate recovery time and lower costs. The product has gained clinical merit from demonstrations of its benefits in colorectal surgery; podiatry; dermatology, including surgery for the removal of basal cell carcinomas and other oncological dermatologic procedures; nasal and sinus surgery, including rhinoplasty, hair transplantation and plastic surgery; as well as various other procedures.

Utah Medical develops and markets a wide range of specialty medical devices designed for patients and their care providers. Kevin Cornwell, CEO of Utah Medical, said the agreement correlates with the company’s interests in healthcare for women and babies.
“We believe the CompuMed system fits well with UTMD’s focus to provide specialized, clinically effective solutions for women’s health care, especially for the surgical management of [uterine] cervical disease,” Cornwell stated in the press release.

Leonard Osser, CEO of Milestone, said the increased distribution will increase awareness for the technology in the medical market.

“A key component to our long-term growth strategy is building a strong, capable distribution network to actively market and sell Milestone’s innovative computer-controlled injection technologies to both medical and dental practitioners worldwide. We are very pleased to be teaming with Utah Medical Products and look forward to working with them to heighten awareness in the medical community of CompuMed’s many noted benefits- not the least of which is providing for painless injections,” Osser stated.