Miley Cyrus' father has opened up about the growing rumors surrounding his daughter's marriage with Liam Hemsworth this summer. Over the last few months, reports surfaced that Miley and Liam have gotten engaged and that the "Wrecking Ball" singer is pregnant with the actor's first child.

“I love that she and Liam are so happy right now,” Billy Ray Cyrus told InTouch Weekly Wednesday. “Happy is hard to find. So if you’re in a good spot, woo! Bam! And Miley knows that."

While Billy Ray said that seeing his daughter happy "is the greatest thing ever," he also quashed rumors about their marriage.

"No there's no wedding bells on the calendar. I'd tell you if there was!" he reportedly said. 

Miley and Liam were engaged in 2012 but later called it off in 2013. The two rekindled their romance in December 2015 following which the 23-year-old was seen flashing the diamond ring Liam had gifted her back in 2012.

Since the two got back with each other, several rumors about their engagement and wedding surfaced. Some reports also claimed recently that the couple had once again broken up. Cheating and pregnancy rumors also made the rounds.

However, Miley and Liam's time together in Malibu during the Fourth of July weekend quashed rumors about their split. But pregnancy rumors resurfaced after Miley was seen holding a knapsack in front of her while walking. OK! magazine reported that Miley was “caught covering her mid-section with a backpack,” speculating she was pregnant.

Most recently, reports claimed that the couple was all set to get married this summer but as the date for the wedding neared, Miley started having "second thoughts."

The wedding is going as planned and will be happening soon,” a source close to Miley told Radar Online earlier this month. “But Miley is getting really, really antsy.” The source said that the two "are not seeing eye-to-eye on things right now and she is starting to realize that she could be living a lie for the rest of her life!”