Miley Cyrus is caught up in yet another photo scandal. But this one's not about her own celebration: it's about the 'penis cake' she made to celebrate the 22nd birthday of her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

Photos obtained by TMZ (and going crazy on Twitter) show the former Disney star posing by a cake shaped like a giant black man's penis, complete with all the, ahem, details.

It's not clear whether Cyrus herself ordered the cake, decorated with tiny frosted red penises on the cake base. But she certainly approved of the cake's message.

In the first photo, Miley Cyrus is simply posing by the cake. By the second, viewers have a bird's eye shot of the singer about to lick the penis cake's base.

By the third, she's essentially simulating fellatio on the phallic birthday pastry, and in the fourth photo the star is about to cut into the cake itself, in a disturbing photo sure to generate several gifs.

Guests at the party say Cyrus, 19, was drinking copious amounts of alcohol and partying hard throughout Liam's birthday celebration. The former Disney star is still two years under the legal drinking age.

Check out the NSFW photos here, if you dare.