Miley Cyrus's Poverty in the USA parody video is a depressingly ironic rehash of her hit 2009 song Party in the USA, set in the Occupy Wall Street era.

The pop singer's 2009 breakout single, which told a story of a materialistic, young country girl trying to find her way in the the Los Angeles nightlife scene, at one point upgrading from cowboy boots to brand-new stilletos, is juxtaposed against photographs of terrible poverty throughout the United States.

The YouTube video offers a stark representation of the economic inequality that has run rampant in America, as viewers' ears are treated to a happy tale of luxury while their eyes are taken on a bleak journey through the ravaged American landscape left behind in the wake of the recession.

We're posting this video, which was originally uploaded last year and has 12,000 views, just in time for her 19th birthday, which is today, Nov. 23.