Miley Cyrus has a heart of gold and she not only loves her pet animals and fish but also writes emotional ballads for them. The 22-year-old has written a heart-wrenching and beautiful song about her dead blowfish Pablow and became emotional singing it recently.

The singer posted the video of her performance on her Facebook page. Cyrus had a blowfish named Pablow that died sometime time ago. The singer was attached to him, just like all her other pets, and said “he made me so happy and I miss him every day.” Cyrus wrote on her Facebook page that Pablow is now in heaven with her pet dog Floyd, who also died a sudden death in 2014 when she was on her “Bangerz” tour.

The singer wrote the song especially for Pablow and the lyrics are very emotional. Many of her Facebook fans told Cyrus that they actually cried listening to the song.

"How can I love someone I never touched/ You lived under the water but I love you so much," Miley sings in the song. She is seen wearing a blue jumpsuit and also plays the piano all by herself. "You've never been on land and you've never seen the sky/ You don't know what a cloud is/ Why does everything I love have to die?" she croons.

The emotional song is a part of her Happy Hippy Foundation’s Backyard Sessions. The songstress sings about an incident when she and her friends went to eat out on one Saturday night and they all decided to order sushi, a Japanese dish made out of fish. “I got soup and I got rice/ But watching my friends eat my friends ruined my appetite,” sings a very emotional Cyrus.

As the song concludes, Cyrus has tears in her eyes. Unable to control her emotions, a tearful Cyrus gets up and hugs a friend. Check out the video below. 

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