More than 100 militants attacked a security post in north-western Pakistan, killing two policemen and injuring several others, officials said.

Militants stormed the post near the Khyber tribal area, a stronghold for Taliban fighters.

More than 12 insurgents and two members of security forces were killed in the attack, police said.

The check post was recently installed in Peshawar due to increase in attacks by militants, Ejaz Khan, a city’s police officer, told Reuters. They had rockets and light artillery and fighting lasted for about four and a half hours, he added.

“Security forces repulsed the first attack just before midnight on Tuesday and called in reinforcements to fend off a follow-up attack on Wednesday morning,” Ejaz Khan said.

Security check posts are frequently attacked by militants in Pakistan. Last Friday, 80 people were killed in a twin suicide bombing on a Frontier Constabulary training center near Peshawar.

The attack came a fortnight after Osama Bin Laden was killed by US troops but officials brushed aside depiction of it as a revenege attack.