Milk is gross. It makes me sick. And honestly, I don't know why people drink it. We don't need it. Milk is for baby cows, not humans.

Now, even though I don't like milk, it's got to be better than sugary fruits drinks, right? Make no mistake, fruits drinks are not the same as fruit juice. Juice is fresh squeezed. Drink comes in a jug marked grape.

To answer the question, Australian scientists compared milk and fruits drinks, and discovered milk is better at staving off hunger than fruit drinks.

Printed in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers had 34 men and women participate in two tests. One testing session involved drinking 20 ounces of fat-free milk with breakfast. In the other test participants were given 20 ounces of fruit drink. Each beverage amounted to 250 extra calories.

After breakfast, participants were asked to gauge their level of fullness during the four hours until lunch. In the end, when drinking milk people reported feeling fuller and more satisfied, and at lunchtime they ate 50 fewer calories.

Researchers believe milk's thickness, protein and lactose content could explain the prolonged feeling of satiety, which makes sense. After all, fruit drinks are nothing more than food coloring, water and high fructose corn syrup.

This doesn't however change my opinion about milk. It just proves that a natural food like milk is healthier than a fake food like fruit drink. Oh no...someone better put the Kool-Aid man on suicide watch!

Via: EurekAlert!