Trouble the dog's $100,000 security team has long since moved on to other jobs; the private jets and limousines she rode in have found other passengers; and the remainder of her $2 million inheritance will go to charity.

Yes, that's right. A dog.

The diminutive pooch became a canine celebrity when she inherited $12 million from her owner, the late hotel tycoon Leona Helmsley, an amount that was later reduced to $2 million. Reports surfaced yesterday that she died in December after having seen more decadence in 12 years of life than some people see in 80. She had grown accustomed to a diet that included crab cakes and caviar, although her caretaker after Helmsley's death switched her to dog food.

And what of her inheritance, the remainder that wasn't spent on sumptuous food and elite groomers? A coaliton of animal activists banded together in 2009 to sue the dog's trust fund, charging that its overseers were not abiding by Helmsley's wish that the fund be used broadly to care for dogs. A judge ruled against the advocates but they filed an appeal yesterday.