MiMedx Group, Inc. is currently developing biomaterial-based products for use in the musculoskeletal specialties. They believe biomaterials are capable of addressing a broad spectrum of acute and chronic diseases and disorders. The Company is developing a product portfolio consisting of competitive and unique solutions for surgeons and their patients. The Company presently has two subsidiaries with operations in Tampa, Florida and Marietta, Georgia.

The MiMedx Group business strategy is to identify, acquire, reduce-to-practice, and commercialize innovative medical products and technologies, as well as novel medical instrumentation and surgical techniques. They are part of the Medical Appliances & Equipment industry in the Healthcare sector. The Company trades on the OTCBB, and has its corporate headquarters in Destin, Florida.

Their MiMedx, Inc. subsidiary, in Tampa, Florida, is a development-stage Company who engages physician and scientific leaders to identify, assess, acquire, develop, and deliver biomimetic solutions to enhance quality of life. Their focus is on the potential of biomaterials. MiMedx uses proprietary cross-linking technology to improve the strength and functionality of their fiber-based collagen products.

MiMedx Group, Inc. also has their SpineMedica subsidiary in Marietta, Georgia. The subsidiary’s mission is to design, manufacture, and market products that improve the quality of life for patients suffering from back pain. With a select group of world-renowned orthopedic and neurological surgeons, the Company works to develop medical solutions. They look to develop a highly differentiated product offering by leveraging the creativity and expertise of their staff with the experience of their Physician Advisory Board.