MiMedx Group, Inc., an integrated developer, manufacturer and marketer of patent protected biomaterial-based products, recently announced that the company has completed its corporate/technology branding initiative and launched an updated website at www.mimedx.com.

Established two years ago through a reverse merger, MiMedx Group, Inc. had been operating through its two subsidiaries, SpineMedica, LLC and MiMedx, Inc. In 2009, the company restructured its management and sales operations and consolidated under the MiMedx Group name. The company has received FDA clearance for its first durable hydrogel product, the HydroFix™ Vaso Shield indicated for use as a cover for vessels following anterior spinal surgery.

Parker H. “Pete” Petit, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, commented, “Our strategy in 2009 was to capture the efficiency of operating as one company. With that internal strategy successfully implemented last year, in 2010 our strategy is to focus externally and create a single brand identity for our suite of biomaterial products.” Mr. Petit continued, “Our subsidiary structure was appropriate when we were in the development stages of our technologies, but as our commercialization efforts are gaining momentum, we are focusing our message.”

Bill Taylor, president and chief operating officer of MiMedx Group, stated, “Because we have so many potential applications for both of our core technologies, we felt it was important to leverage the identity of each technology as a platform, rather than branding each individual product. This approach will allow for stronger brand equity and, at the same time, be more cost effective.”