Stevie J’s ex Mimi Faust was arguably the last person viewers of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” would have expected to make a sex tape, but on Monday Twitter users and “LHHATL” rival Joseline Hernandez couldn’t stop talking about her scandalous video. MTV reported the film is supposed to be released in a month, but TMZ shared leaked pictures from the sex tape.  

Faust made the XXX film with boyfriend and co-star Nikko Smith. Of course, doing the naked tango in front of the camera is never a good idea, especially when you’re a reality TV star. But Faust apparently thought their sex life was so amazing that she needed to document it.

"I'm in such another place, I don't even realize that that camera is on," Faust told Smith while the two are in bed during the extended four-and-a-half-minute trailer that VH1 put online. She asks her castmates if anyone else had made a sex tape before, which makes them laugh, but it’s not long before Faust’s laughter turns to tears.

Apparently, making a sex tape with Smith wasn’t a good idea, as the trailer shows him telling Faust that someone leaked it. They even went as far as selling it to, and the “LLHATL” shows Faust talking about a deal with Vivid head honcho Steve Hirsch, the same man who was behind Farrah Abraham and James Dean’s famed vid.

TMZ revealed the tape is called "Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.” “LHHATL” producers reportedly OK’d the tape’s release, which isn’t surprising, because what could promote a show’s new season better than a leaked sex tape?

Hernandez, who famously feuded with Faust on the show, took to Twitter after news of her nemesis’ tape went public and shared numerous posts about the reality star-turned-porn star.

Faust, on the other hand, has remained silent on social media.

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