Yesterday, Minatura Gold announced the launch of their new website at Highlights of the newly designed website include a clean, intuitive interface, a company profile, as well as a management section. The website also contains an Investor Relations and Community Relations section.

Mr. Paul Dias, Chief Executive Officer of Minatura Gold, stated, “Minatura Gold is committed to maintaining outstanding communication with our existing shareholders and prospective investors–and our website is no exception. As our company grows, we will continue to update our website with new features and content that help stakeholders learn about our business, its performance and potential, as well as about our corporate values and commitment to societal improvement in Colombia.”

With their newly designed website, the Company offers visitors ease of use and comprehensive, in-depth information on Minatura Gold’s corporate profile, management, projects, and strategic plans. The Company’s goal is that the website is an important resource to existing shareholders, prospective investors, and the investment community at large. They also desire the website to be a vital resource to their strategic partners.

The website features multi-level navigation so that users may quickly access content that interests them. It also features complete information on Minatura Gold’s history, operations overview, and news and updates on the mining industry in Colombia. The new Management section includes a listing of the Company’s Directors, Executive Officers, and Management along with their respective biographies.

In addition, the Investor Relations section includes information for existing shareholders, prospective investors, and the investment community in general. The Community Relations section includes information on Minatura Gold’s relationships with the local communities in which they operate. This section also includes information on the Company’s role in the development of micro-economies through aid, education, and collaboration with local people.

Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, Minatura Gold is a company that engages in the exploration, development, and extraction of precious metals in Colombia, South America. The Company is initiating production of gold with mining titles covering approximately 70,000 acres of property in Colombia.

Currently, the Company’s focus is on developing measured resources in four projects in the Departments of Antioquia and Bolivar. They have three hard rock gold deposit exploration projects in Antioquia, one near Anorí (Anorí Project), one near Remedios (Remedios Project), and the other in the Department of Bolivar. Minatura Gold has one advanced alluvial gold deposit exploration project near Zaragoza, Antioquia (Zaragoza Project).

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