Yet, the one and maybe the only advantage is that this weakness in the dollar exchange rates is what magic it can do to the country's exports and there for its balance of trade, and this is basically the case we saw so far since the beginning of the dollar weaknesses a long with the credit crisis, and despite skyrocketing energy prices and increasing imports from China, yet with the dollar at those levels exports are increasing and the trade gap is narrowing.

In January, trade gap probably widened to 59.8 from 58.8 billion dollars, dollar regained some of its strength on January, and with the soaring energy prices, I think it is justifiable for us to see some more additions to the deficit.

Markets are still waiting for more confirmation on the U.S. economic status, while economists and traders are actually pricing a 75 basis points cut in the next FOMC meeting, and the trade deficit might not be the main concern nowadays, it's just something to look at to figure its contribution on the country's GDP, which means economic growth.

Let's wait and see my friend, the week is just getting started and the data stream is just about to flow, so keep your senses ready to analyze and interpret any new updates on the world's largest economy.