The spring premiere of “The Mindy Project” Season 4 might not be a happy return. The midseason finale showed Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina) fighting, and Mindy even took down the For Sale sign in her old apartment window. The trailer for the midseason premiere of the Hulu comedy makes it clear that Mindy is living in her bachelorette pad again.

The trailer shows Mindy baby-proofing her whole apartment. She moves candles and glass items and even bubble-wraps her spiral staircase. She picks up baby Leo, who has a small scratch on his forehead (perhaps the reason for all the baby-proofing) and takes him to his new nursery. Mindy has completely transformed her closet for her son. The decorations make it pretty obvious that she isn’t living with Danny anymore.

Watch the “Mindy Project” Season 4 trailer below:

The fourth season of the comedy will continue to explore what comes after happily ever after. Mindy and Danny have been fighting over conflicting ideas about parenthood. Mindy wants to balance her career with motherhood while Danny believes she should stay home and follow a more traditional path. It seems like this argument is going to take the characters to their breaking point.

Kaling revealed earlier this year that she enjoyed the more realistic tone of this season. “So much of everything is the wedding plot, or the marriage plot, which is just get to the wedding and then happily ever after, and I think that there’s so much interesting stuff that can happen after, it’s not obviously all just depressing and fighting and things like that, and that’s what we’ve been having so much fun doing all the storylines for the second half of the season,” she told E! Online last month. “These are people who are very, very different who would have not chosen to be together trying to make it work. And that sounds really serious and not fun but I think we have made it some of the finest stuff ever because it’s just really real.”

When “The Mindy Project” returns, expect a slew of guest stars. Greta Gerwig will play a patient of Mindy’s who knows one of Danny’s secrets, Entertainment Weekly reports. “The Walking Dead” actors Ross Marquand and Lauren Cohan will also guest-star, but details about their roles have been kept under wraps.

The midseason premiere of “The Mindy Project” Season 4 will be released April 12.