Sandbox indie game “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” is coming to Windows Phone, according to a confirmation via Twitter from Mojang lead designer and developer Jens Bergensten. However, the Swedish video game studio hasn’t confirmed a release date for the successful game, which launched for the PC in May 2009. Bergensten hinted it may be a while before the edition reaches Microsoft's mobile platform:







This is the first big news to arrive since Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, acquired “Minecraft” developer Mojang AB for $2.5 billion in September. “Minecraft,” a popular sandbox game that’s sold more than 54 million copies across a number of platforms, will be in the hands of the tech giant once the deal is final, which is expected by December.

“Minecraft: Pocket Edition" has currently sold more than 21 million copies across iOS and Android devices, which accounts for nearly half of its total sales. A Windows 10 phone is expected sometime next year, and Microsoft revealed earlier this year that all of its upcoming tablets, phones, netbooks and desktop PCs will share a common operating system.