All Mineweb readers are invited to enter this year's Mineweb gold price competition.

This year's gold price competition, will operate similarly to the 2008 one with entrants attempting to predict the gold price under the following categories:  Gold Price High; Gold Price Low; Year-end Gold Price; and Average  2009 Gold Price.  As before there are no prizes apart from the winners' pride in being a better crystal ball gazer than his/her peers in the various sections and in the overall competition.Please send your entries in to and title the email Mineweb Gold price Competition Entry and add the name under which you would like the entry to be recorded.  As before we will be using London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold fixings as our pricing yardstick. We will publish all the estimates at the competition closing date (which will be at the end of January)

We invite all our readers to participate in the competition and perhaps see if we can do better this year overall than in 2008 when, on average, Mineweb readers were considerably more bullish than the gold market justified.  You may cut and paste the form below as a guide:---------------------------------------------------------------------------

MINEWEB 2009 GOLD PRICE COMPETITIONEntrant name or nickname:Gold Price High: ..Gold Price Low:...Year End Gold price: ..2009 Average Gold Price: ..Comments: ...