A Minnesota teen was charged this week after a mother discovered her 16-year-old cognitively delayed daughter was forced into prostitution by her Hopkins High School cheerleading teammate. Fox News reported Wednesday that 18-year-old Montia Marie Parker allegedly prostituted the younger student by creating ads online seeking customers to engage in sexual acts with the teen for a fee.

Parker was charged with sex trafficking and promoting prostitution after authorities claimed the teen set up ads on the classifieds site, Backpage.com, and drove the teen to two unidentified men’s homes during school hours to perform oral sex, one time reportedly taking the full $60 in profit and depositing it into her personal bank account in March.

According to the original complaint, the prostitution began after the 16-year-old told her cheerleading teemmates she was trying to make money to which Parker responded telling her she could make money by having sex. MyFoxTwinCities.com reports that Parker requested the cognitively delayed student send her pictures that were “not too nasty but cute” and photos that revealed “a little skin” in order to attract clients.

During one outting, Parker is accused to telling the teen, "You’ll be fine. I didn’t drive here for nothing, and eventually you will need to have sex," after refusing to have sexual intercourse with one male client.

The special education teen’s mother reportedly discovered her daughter’s newfound career after Parker called the school allegedly pretending to be the teen’s mother in an effort to get her excused to fulfill another client’s wishes. The mother said she soon discovered her daughter had an unexcused absence from school and found text messages solidying the claims on her daughter's cell phone.

Parker reportedly admitted to police that her ad received “a lot of calls” when it was posted online after FBI began investigating claims of prostitution earlier this year. Fox News reports that, according to President of the Minnesota Juvenile Officers’ Association Minneapolis Lt. Kim Lund, it isn’t uncommon for teens to use the site but that minor prostitutions cases are rare.

A statement from Hopkins Public School in Minnetonka, Minn., said the teen has been permanently removed from the school’s campus, saying student safety is a “top priority.” Parker is currently free on a $50,000 bond.