Although Miranda Lambert has moved on from Blake Shelton, she would be hurt if he had a child with new girlfriend Gwen Stefani, according to Hollywood Life.  Lambert has been dating musician Anderson East, but some reports stated that she has is still bothered by Shelton and Stefani’s romance.

“The tears are long gone. Miranda seeing Blake having his relationship with Gwen out in the open has eventually become more of a healing process for her,” a source told Hollywood Life. “At first she thought he was flaunting it, but it has come to a point where she sees he is just moving on and that is exactly what she should be doing herself. Admittedly, though, if Blake has a child with Gwen or gets married to Gwen, that will hit a little hard,” the insider added.

According to the report, Lambert “wants to embrace” her relationship with 27-year-old East. “She is seeing with her new relationship that amazing things still happen to her and she wants to embrace that and she wants that for Blake as well. She has come to a point where she has accepted things and almost completely moved on from Blake,” the source told the entertainment website.

Lambert, 32, had posted a new photo on Instagram sparking speculations that she was collaborating with East for a new song. She captioned the photo: “Weekend well spent” and tagged East on the picture.