Laura Kaeppeler, 23, won the Miss America 2012 title on Jan. 14, at Las Vegas, in a glamorous event broadcast live from the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

The runners-up were: Miss Oklahoma - Betty Thompson, Miss New York - Kaitlin Monte and Miss Arizona - Jennifer Sedler. The top 5 was rounded off by Miss California - Noelle Freeman.

Miss Illinois - Hannah Smith, Miss Texas - Kendall Morris, Miss Louisiana - Hope Anderson, Miss Tennessee - Erin Hatley and Miss Iowa - Jessica Pray, made it to the top 10.

Check out the photographs of the top five and what they won...

Miss America 2012: Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler


Photo Credit: Reuters. Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler Crowned Miss America 2012.

Laura Kaeppeler won a $50,000 scholarship and a further $2,000 for her operatic vocal performance of Il Bacio in the talent competition.

Miss America 2012 Ist Runner-up: Miss Oklahoma, Betty Thompson


Photo Credit: Miss Oklahoma - Betty Thompson is the 1st runner-up

Betty Thompson earned a $25,000 scholarship. She performed an Irish step dance in the talent round. Thompson was also the winner of ABC's America's Choice, an online competition where viewers got the opportunity to vote for their favorite Miss America contestant.

Miss America 2012 2nd Runner-up: Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte


Photo Credit: Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte, 2nd runner-up.

Kaitlin Monte won a $20,000 scholarship. Her talent was a vocal performance of Disneyland and her personal platform is That's Enough! Coming Together to End Bullying.

Miss America 2012 3rd Runner-up: Miss Arizona, Jennifer Sedler


Photo Credit: Facebook/ Jennifer Sedler. Miss Arizona, Jennifer Sedler- 3rd runner-up

 Miss California, Noelle Freeman


Photo Credit: Facebook. Miss California, Noelle Freeman in the top 5 finalists.

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