On Sunday night, there were over 120 beauty contestants who were vying for the Miss World 2011 title but the crown ultimately went to a person who was beautlful inside as well as outside - Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos.

Amid cheer and clapping, Sarcos was crowned as Miss World 2011 on Sunday night at Earls Court, London.

Sarcos, 22, became an orphan at a very young age and was passionate about becoming a nun. She was brought up in the Convent in Cojedes when she was 8 years old.

According to her Wikipedia page, Sarcos realized how her beauty appearance give her a chance to help other. Soon she gave up the idea of becoming a nun and started her career as a model.

Sarcos struggled a lot during her early life after her parents passed away in an accident but her indomitable spirit allowed her to continue and she grew up with a heart of giving out to other.

Sarcos' passion for helping other people prompted her to form a foundation called Beauty with a Purpose after she was declared as Miss World Venezuela 2010.

Since then, her life was totally turnaround. Sarcos devoted her time for charity and social assistance. Furthermore, She also became a member of the Skin Bank of Venezuela which support lesions patient.

Congratulations, Ivian Sarcos. May your beauty spread happiness and joy in other people's lives.