Update on Nov. 17 at 11:13 a.m. ET: Shelby Dasher: Not Guilty Plea Entered at Arraignment; On Suicide Watch 

The Curious Case of Missing Babies

From the time Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder charges of her two year old daughter Caylee, the number of missing baby reports seems to have gone up. But wait... Are they simply going up? Or is it that the missing babies in question are being victims of something? Something that may be common in all the recent four cases reported.

A blogger in examiner.com brought out some points in her article on missing children, which are worth pondering about. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, approximately 2,000 children are reported missing in the United States each day. Now is that fact not alarming enough to start taking steps towards preventing it?

Out of the four recent cases, three mothers are in their early 20s. It started with two-year-old Caylee Anthony going missing, then Lisa Irwin, Tyler Dasher and then Sky Metalwala. All the kids were reported missing from in and around their houses or may be hardly any distance away from the parents. Except for Caylee, the three other kids were reported missing by their mothers. 

So should this be blamed on bad parenting, or the very fact that their mothers are too young to be taking care of the kids? Lisa Irwin's mother Deborah Bradely, 26, admitted to being drunk and passed out when the baby went missing from her crib. Casey Anthony, 25, as reported by various media, was known to be a party animal.

As soon as the body of one-year-old Tyler Dasher was found at a cemetery not from his house, it was established that he died from blunt force trauma. His mother, Shelby Dasher, 20, was charged with second-degree murder after admitting to police that she repeatedly struck her son Tyler in a rage  because he was crying and 'wouldn't lay down, wouldn't go back to sleep', a Daily Mail report said.

She also admitted disposing of his body which was found near a cemetery about a mile from his home, hours after Dasher reported him missing. She had been drinking while doing this gruesome act.

Lisa Irwin's mother reportedly had passed out and till date has no clue where her child went missing from her crib.

Sky Metalwala's mother, Biryukova, claimed that she had stopped her car on the highway because her car ran out of gas. As she left two-year-old Sky in the back seat of her car and took the elder four-year-old daughter to get the gas from the gas station, which is a one mile walk, Sky went missing, Huffington Post reported.  She also said that Sky was sleeping on the back seat of the car. Biryukova told police Sky was ill on the morning of November 6 and she was driving him from their Redmond home to a Bellevue hospital when her car ran out of gas.

Who in their sane mind would leave a 2-year-old kid sleeping in the car on a highway, without anyone elder around! She also claims that she later called a friend to come and pick them up. When the friend picked her up and they got back to the car, the child was missing.

Police, after investigation, established that Biryukova's car had enough fuel at that time in the gas tank, which would mean, that Biryukova is lying.

But then, police have still not named any suspects in this case.

The missing cases of toddlers are extremely heart-wrenching and would make one want to question humanity. A mother being responsible for her own child's death is something that is beyond comprehendible. Something is terribly wrong somewhere for these unfortunate events to take place with such a frequency. May be, young women, who are not ready to take the responsibility of being a parent, should stop conceiving so soon.

A child comes to the planet as a consequence of the mother deciding to keep the baby. A woman has the liberty to make a choice of conceiving or not in the first place (at least in the U.S.). And when she makes a choice of bringing her baby to the planet, she should also stand by her decision and take responsibilities attached to them. 

How is it that a child just goes missing from a house, or from the car for that matter? Guilty or not, a parent is responsible for a child, especially as small as the missing toddlers. It is certainly more horrifying when a child is murdered by its own parents. 

The need of the hour is to have a better understanding of the situations that take parents to the level of leaving their babies unattended or even killing them.  

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